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Prices Mauritius

 Program Fee 
Paid Internship€1150 

 Includes: visa arrangements, housing arrangements, flight support, introduction on the island, social events, and help desk before and during your program.
Excludes: Airport pickup, flight ticket, medical insurance, medical tests (for visa), shipping fees visa documents, quarantine accommodation costs (temporary requirement during COVID-19 for non-vaccinated participants) 

The stipend for a paid internship is around €250 per month

Payment Schedule

  1. Intake: Both the registration and the intake with a representative of Stage-Global are without obligation and completely free of charge. The first payment is a deposit of € 450, -. This occurs only after you agree to continue with Stage-Global after the intake interview.
  2. Mediation: Once Stage-Global has found a suitable internship that you approve, the remaining amount of the placement fee will be charged and the deposit will be deducted from that amount.


Stage-Global arranges your accommodation on Mauritius. Most of the students are living in a house/apartment with two other international students. Everyone has their own room, but share the bathroom, kitchen and living room with two roommates. White sandy beaches are always on walking distance from your home! The cost of housing will be around €250 per month.